These are my martial arts records from the first years of the third millennium. The days of the internet revolution.

It was the time when information began to trickle and flow from all corners of the globe, streaming gently on personal computer screens. Soon the streams widened to become gushing rivers, rivers turning into floods. And suddenly, without a warning, the world seemed tiny and accessible. It was exciting, confusing, and sometimes disappointing.

In no time the lines between good and evil faded, the flow of information rooting out common beliefs, unearthing truths and exposing guilt.

It also gave rise to the voice of the masses. Everyone could have a say and no one and nothing was safe anymore.

Needless to say that the new order did not skip the world of martial arts. While the influx of information helped certain systems to reestablish their respected position, it also changed everything for most – some for the better and naturally, some for the worse. It caused popular martial arts to lose their luster, to be ridiculed and nearly crumble into obscurity. At the same time, it allowed virtually unknown disciplines to hit the limelight and gain massive exposure.

As for me, an enthusiastic Aikidoka by hobby and trade, the situation was rapidly turning unpleasantly grim. It couldn’t be helped. It is what it is.

These records are therefore the story of one man overwhelmed by his ever changing and swiftly evolving realities. A man filled with bafflement and desperation.

A man on a journey to try and find his place in the new world.

Chapter 1

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